I am now starting my second year of PE. Was not as consistent or as intense as I wanted to be last year due to privacy and time issues. This year I am rededicating myself to building the penis I want and deserve. My experience thus fas has made me a true believer in PE. Even with not being able to put in the time and work like I wanted in the past I have seen improvement. I have gained .25 of and inch in length and girth. The improvement in the vascularity of my member is impressive. Incorporating some devices into my work out this time around namely a vacuum pump and an extender. My workout is as follows:

Warm up with an electric heating pad - 10 to 15 minutes

Manual stretches 4 sets of 30 secs in each direction (straight out, up, down, left, right, revolving stretch)

2 Hand Tunica Stretches 4 at 30 secs each

Wet Jelq 15 to 20 minutes

V Jelq 5 minutes

I alternate between use of the vacuum pump (15 minutes at a max of 7 Hg) and Ballooning each workout

Finish with 5 minutes of massage

I want thank all my fellow PE gym mates for your information and support. I would appreciate any and all feed back on my present workout.