So I've lurked around the forum for quite a while reading a lot and doing research for general penis health and growth. I'm 3 weeks through JP's 90-day program and so far my "best friend" has really shown positive results. My eq has been through the roof and my sex life has seen great improvements. Along with the JP90 routine I've been doing some kegel and reverse kegel routines and I ust say that the reverse kegels have definitely given me a lot more control in the bedroom. I've also been making better choices with my diet and eating a lot more fruit (especially banana's) so I believe this may also attribute to my success. I'd also like to mention that I've substituted coffee for green tea with no sugar and overall it is making me feel better. I'm writing this to give hope to newcomers to the site and I'd also like to hear your input on things I could do to further improve my penis' health.