hey guys check out my routine feedback please

so far my routine is 10-20 mins warmups with plug in heating pad. 500 side to side stretches, then 90 horse squeezes (those are the 5 second ones), then 100 low erection jelqs, 1 super slammer, and then 1-3 hours of extender stretching... 2 days on 1 day off... i just reacently upped my routine with the 1 super slammer the 100 jelqs and the extending. so far no pain. no bad pis. no good pis thou. also ive been measureing 5.5 inches length and sometimes when really lucky 5.6 inches length after doing this routine. i started pe again about 6 to 7 weeks ago with just 100 side to side stretches and 30 horse squeezes. right now im about to sit on my routine and not change anything for about 3-6 weeks then up the intesity

if been peing since about the summer of 2010 on and off did jps 90 day then stopped did extending befor ehten stopped did big als coach then stopped. i checked my old posts and it said i meausred 5 inches and now im 5.5 but i remember i didnt saw off the little part that doesnt count on most rulers and i think that put me up to 5.25 or 5.4 i dont remember being 5.5 ever but maybe i was. anyways im just gonna say i havent gained anything and use that as my definent base length. girth i still do not have something accurate to measure with plus i dont rly want any girth so not rly careing botu that. goal is short term by the end of this summer to be 6 inches length