When I found about PE I was amazed and almost could not believe it. I still feel a sense of comfort in knowing I can change something about me that I felt was not normal. Maybe my stats fall into average-ish but I was always the smallest at school. However I have had bad health for a long time - and my life is up in the air at the moment not having a permanent residence...I did some initial PE and got great results but had to stop because of bad health. I then read that maybe it is not a good idea to stop-start too much because the chap might become resistant to PE. So I decided to abstain until its the right time to really focus.

Im wondering - are there many other lurkers on the forum waiting for the right moment to go for it? I have kind of made a decision in my mind that I can reach my goal of 7BPEL and 5 MEG. Its there for the taking when I can go for it-such a cool thought!