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When saying more intense workout, you mean longer sessions or a tighter grip but the same duration?

inĚtenĚsiĚty ( n-t n s -t ). n. pl. inĚtenĚsiĚties. 1. Exceptionally great concentration, power, or force.

I'll attempt to answer... lots of people here seem to be vague on the term as it applies to PE....

Intensity can be added to your routine by:
---increasing duration of exercise
---adding a new exercise/technique
---using more force when performing PE

I hope this clarifies......

....and to address Steve23's comment.... this thread is not posted in the beginners forum... I suggest beginners start there....I never stated that anyone should skip initial conditioning(which I consider 5-6 months).
Just like anyone else here, I can only convey my experiences and perspectives...My words mean exactly what they say...So to misconstrue their meanings only serves to confuse others...