I am also a member of Mos but my main PE knowledge is pegym.

I started my PE journey on thunder, then mos and now pegym. From all of them, pegym is the most progressive in terms of the feedback of the community. New ideas, products, routines and diy solutions have a better chance of have meaningful discussions here.

I still visit the other sites though, but pegym is my current favorite. I owe my captn wench to thunders, started clamping with a MOS routine, and now pegym with the JP routine and muzzle hanger. I also lurk around other sites from time to time, even non-english ones (thanks to google translate).

matter of size is referred by many as MOS, thundersplace as thunders etc.....their name is to long to type in the search box.
They also refer to devices in shortened form, captn wench as a wench or captn and some commercial products. That should help you in your searching.