Long time since Ive posted or PE'd (over 6 months on the latter)

Currently im about 7 1/2 by 5 1/2 but im looking to achieve a slightly longer, but most importantly a harder penis. Personally, i feel like im operating at 75-80%, mainly because when I notice im erect, the base still feels a little underplumped and the weight of the tip causes it to flop, and inevitably decrease my erection if I dont stimulate or change the angle. Any advice welcome as to my routine or what worked for others.

heres what Ill be restarting with as its along the lines a what I was doing before
10 squeezes (will progress back up to horse squeezes after a month)
2 20 second Ulis
100 Side to side stretches
100 kegels (As many erect as possible) & 100 reverse kegels
10 minute edging