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Does anyone have have real logic on why 'overtraining leads to no gaining' or if this is even true
If a guy has not injured himself and is simply in the part of the cycle where he needs to back off a little, his EQ (erection quality) is poor.

This is caused by fatigue to the smooth muscle inside the Corpus Cavernosum. This tissue must actually relax in order for it to occlude blood vessels which reduce the blood flow exiting the penis. This allows for tumescence (swelling). The overtraining causes this smooth muscle to tighten (like regular muscle when overstressed) and this prevents the required relaxation and hence no erection or weak erection.

Most guys measure their gains using BPEL so if they are in a constant state of overtraining they will not see gains and will loose the ability to judge the effectiveness of their routine.

I am someone who most would think is overtraining. Actually I overtrain and undertrain in cycles of between 2-4 days. If you do not overtrain occassionally how do you know you are not undertraining ALL THE TIME?

I do not use EQ as my measure for overtraining. I use my stretched length under load as my indicator. It correlates closely with EQ but I have found that stretched length is giving me a finer adjustment on the amount of stress I should be using in my workout.

I am gaining and I do two sessions per day. Each session targets different tissues but there is overlap and the smooth muscle gets tired and my EQ suffers occassionally. When I skip one or two sessions (usually on a weekend) my EQ improves without having to take major rest periods. I rarely skip a whole day.

I doubt there are many guys who overtrain constantly. I think it is more likely that some are injuring themselves due to playing catch-up when they have not been consistent and the gains are not there.

So my advise is to be consistent and vary your stress levels and record your PI's (Physiologic Indicators, example EQ) for feedback.