I noticed two problems with my penis about a year ago now, which kind of go hand in hand. When I was younger I used to masturbate a lot, and I think I used to tug it pretty hard. I was doing it (masturbating) since before my penis started growing during puberty. Jelqing took me from around 6" in length to almost 8". Probably around 7.5" in just a couple of months. I never really measured girth or paid attention, but I know that I also got significant gains in girth too. Sorry for no exact measurements, but they aren't really important. If you want to get an idea though, my thumb and forefinger almost touch when I grip my penis about half way down the shaft; I have medium-large hands for a man. So for any who may be wondering, or new to the site as I am, jelqing does give you results, and good ones at that.

So, anyway, the problem. The problem is not from jelqing, I'm almost certain it's due to masturbating too frequently with a grip that is too hard before and during growth due to puberty. I'm perfectly happy with the size, but not at all with the shape.

It still functions, but being a virgin (I'm young) I don't know what it would be like for intercourse. My penis curves to the left slightly, which wouldn't be a huge problem on its own. But it's not only that. The right side of my penis is fine until about half way up toward the shaft, then it tapers toward the centre or left quite rapidly. I believe that my right CC is smaller, as it had less growth because of my masturbation technique. I am uncut and my foreskin is completely normal, no problems there. Not too loose, not too tight.

I've tried to combat the curve by jelqing to the right, apparently this works? And to combat the smaller, right CC, I have been jelqing just the right side of my penis with my thumb and forefinger. I'm not sure at all as to if it has been working or not. I don't really feel like it is being engorged with blood. although it does make me slightly harder and go red because of the blood accumulating, which probably a good sign. Just that I don't actually feel the plumpness and what not. Please remember that I need to focus on girth from half way up my right CC to the head of my penis. Not length. Sometimes I get quite depressed and worried about it. Is it ugly? Will I be able to have sex? Will it freak girls out?

I just wanted to know if, first of all, does anybody think it can be fixed, or at least have the problem lessened. If so, what steps and methods should I take to correct it? How long do you think it might take (taking into consideration that my gains were quite fast)? Do you think I'll be able to have sex from how it sounds?

It is definitely not peyronies. Although I haven't had it seen to or checked out, There is no hard lumps and I am almost 100% sure it is due to my stupid tugging techniques. I'll try my best to show you how it looks with paint, but I don't expect it too be great.

Okay, so, that isn't exact, but I guess it's close enough. The red lines show the degree of curvature if my penis was normal. The centre line is trying to show that my right CC is much thinner. And the right red line is to show how my right CC is fine until half way up and then tapers inward.

Thank you so much for your time, just reading all of that is greatly considered; I would be over the moon to get a possible solution. Preferably with a description. Baring in mind that I wouldn't like to use any of those contraptions that go around your penis, or hanging or wrapping or whatever it is. A nice jelq with a description would be best.

Although I do understand that it will more than likely always have a slight degree of curvature as is normal, and my right CC may never be perfect, a nice improvement definitely wouldn't go amiss. Though I'm not expecting any miracles.

Thanks again, theN.