Not sure if this is the right forum but was wondering if anyone ever went from either a "fast" ejaculated or normal to something along the lines of delayed ejaculation just from regular jelqing and stretching.

That pretty much describes me. Before PE, stamina was definitely not my strong suit. I didn't have premature ejaculation but 5-10 minutes of constant penetration was a very good night for me. Immediately after I started PE I noticed an increase in stamina. However, my erections were harder and I stayed hard the entire time so I wasn't complaining. My stamina continued to increase to the point where I felt I could come on cue. However, it seems as if I have now ventured a bit past that point to where I'm able to keep going even longer, lasting almost an hour of non stop HARD fucking, maintaining an erection the entire time, but needing to go at it VERY hard to finish and no longer feeling like I can just come when I want.

Now this might sound like a good thing, but I really hurt my wife last night. And she likes it very rough. But I had to do it harder than ever and eventually she just bucked me off before I was able to come. She was pretty upset at me too.

Just FYI I do no stamina training whatsoever except maybe 3 min of edging after a very basic stretch/jelq routine and the edging is for size increase not stamina. I'm at a point now where I'm worried I'm going to keep delaying my ejaculation even further and potentially cause an issue.