Welcome to the wonderful world of the internet, the greatest show on earth! We used to say that about the circus but now it's more than appropriate here. What a silly siily thread; I am surprised about most of you but hey maybe there was a full moon somewhere. Let's look at some facts.<br><br>1) Money does make the world go round and not our dicks. Whether it's penis pills or surgery it simply doesn't work. Why? Already the penis pill scams, which they all are,&nbsp; are &nbsp;mutimillion dollars scams that guys still feed into and buy the crap that does nothing. Now if there was a surgical enhancement of your dick that was medically proven and acceptible every plastic surgeon in the planet would be doing that instead of trying to fix Joan Rivers face and they would all be rich beyond their dreams. There wouldn't be one or two guys advertising on the internet; there would be thousands of guy doing it with billboards all over the country. So where are they?<br><br>2) "Hey if he screws up my dick I'll sue the bastard". Nice safeguard right? Wrong. Most medical malpractice companies will only represent the doctor if he is doing a medically approved procedure with medically accepted technique and materials and using them in a medically acceptable manner. They will represent him in a suit when he has done something that was not medically approved only if he pays out of pocket and whatever award is given to the patient again he pays out of pocket. These guys don't operate that way. They do a creative professional corporation and when they get sued they have nothing in their name, the corporation goes bankrupt only to be opened under another name and the patient gets shit.<br><br>3) A few years ago when the market for botox, restelyn, and that other crap grew stagnant they marketed those products to oral surgeons,some of who I know. You&nbsp; took a 4 hour course where they showed you a movie about how to do it, and then gave you a little peice of paper that said you completed the course. You ordered the stuff ( any doctor with a license can order any medical product) and while you were taking out a molar you&nbsp; cured creases n their face. Made a lot of money for them until the lawsuits piled up. No special training, just a 4 hour course, and many claims were not paid for by the malpractice companies because they were doing work outside of their scope and discipline.<br><br>4) Who is Irishfan? Yes he's been a member here but who is he? Did he get the work done? Was he just paid by the guy to say he had it done and to advertise? Maybe both? Will we ever know for sure? No because it's the internet. Who are these other clowns that showed up saying he's paid, he's not paid, he's a competing doctor, and on and on. Does any of this seem at all reputable? Trust me if you can but a good doctor does not need the internet to make his money; word of mouth is all he needs. Go to the American Medical Association and look up the procedure and see what you can find. I doubt you'll find anything as this guy just does hs stuff by flying under the radar, no mention of the procedure, no hospital affiliations, no nothing. He is a predator.<br><br>&nbsp;We cannot allow predatory practice here; theories and discussions are fine but when we start mentioning names and website and all that crap it can be very harmful. Talk about stuff all you want but if I see Dr. Loria or any other guys name and new novel procedure that can do this and that I will not allow you to come here and bother the other children.<br><br>THREAD CLOSED!