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@somebodyelse You're very sensitive, I see. I'm merely trying to illustrate the point that there's nothing here that distinguishes itself from homosexual pornography (of the print variety). Of course in a forum like this very few people will recognize that. There is an obvious difference (to me) between a man's chest and penis, but I'll run with the comparison you've made ... Sure, there is something fundamentally similar between the two practices you've alluded to; in both cases, the consumers are obsessed with a certain facet or aspect of their physical make-up and constantly compare themselves to others who are bigger, faster, stronger, etc. However, with the male genitalia, that obsession is crossing certain lines that a bodybuilder does not cross, and of course all of these lines have to do with human sexuality. Do I think it is dangerous? No, but let me ask you this -- those men of your father's generation, those gruff, secure, confident men ... What would they have thought of a forum like this one?
I have to ask, bro, why the hell are you here? I am straight as an arrow, but I have posted and said things on this website that even amaze me. I laugh sometimes at what I have written here. But guess what, this is a penis exercise website. You obviously want to work on different areas of your penis, are you gay because you ask a question about how to jelq correctly? Personally I hope you are just trying to get a discussion going, and not trying to stir up shit. But I see no point at all with where you are going with this.