I have been clamping now for about 2 weeks here and there experimenting with different routines and have noticed that I have lost some EQ. Not a lot probably went from a 10 to an 8.5. I've lost EQ before and this feels different, it seems to only affect my head which does not balloon up fully like it used to when I'm erect. When in the clamp obviously the head is huge. Am I putting to much pressure on my head from the clamping and hurting it?
from just that information it seems that I should clamp less, HOWEVER, I have noticed that on days when I do get that full 10 erection quality it is visibly bigger (not only girth but it appears visibly longer too).
Should i slow down my routine due to the negative PI of my erection quality and head desensitivity or should i continue doing what I'm doing due to the positive PI of my wang getting bigger?
i've read that clamping is supposed to shoot your erection quality through the roof why am i different?
any feedback would be great thanks