Hey Guys,

So I was pe'ing for about 5 weeks straight and gained .25 in length and .4 in girth. I went on a family vacation and for obvious reasons couldn't pe, but I did do some research while on the two week trip regarding edging. While on the trip I maintained about 3 solid erections a day 10-15 minutes. I just measured and I haven't lost any gains =D.

Just did this new routine, a bit modified (edging part added to JP's).

warm up 15 minutes

jelq for an entire Seinfeld episode =P

edge for a 15-20 min porn video

I've been having issues with edging and not keeping my sticky inside me but today was my best session yet. Held back about 5 times or so and honestly I had the best erection I've ever seen. I'm usually 5.25 length and about 5 girth while erect, I measured before I finished and I was at about 5.5-5.6 length and 5.1 girth. My hang is tremendous right now, I really think edging is a great finishing exercise as it relaxes penis while imho keeping it engorged the best. I'll keep you guys updated as I continue this routine.