I started P.E. about three weeks ago.
My routine has been as follows:

1 day on, 1 day off.
-10min warmup (shower or hairdryer)
-6min Basic Stretch
-10min jelq
-5min Bathmate

-ca. 20-25min traction wrap

I add a minute to each exercise every week.

After doing the traction wrap for about a week ago, I started too feel uneasy about my routine (my flaccid wasn't as big as before and my glans got cold even after the wrapping was removed) so I've decided to quit the wrap and add more minutes to the Bathmate.

I'm at 7min stretching, 11min jelq and 6min Bathmate (next time it will be 8min because there will be no more wrap).

What are your thought's about warmdown/cooldown? Also, how can I prevent turtling from ruining my hard day's work?