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Turtling is totally normal, but I think the major consensus is to try to avoid it. There was a PEer at Thunder's Place called Big Girtha who got the saying going "never let it turtle". It's just the idea that healing in an elongated state is better for gains. Do a search on google and read some of his theory on it, it's a good read.
It is important after lifting to get quality protein into your bloodstream less than an hour after exercising, because you have created many micro tears to your skeletal muscle and the protein is crucial to those cells repairing of themselves. However, how much healing when doing PE takes place in the hour just after you are done? Have we cause micro tears to our smooth muscle? How much healing takes place in the 22 hours or so after PE? No one probably knows the answer to that. I doubt that the immediate period following PE is as important as the immediate period following a lifting routine. I could be wrong about that, but I just don't think that "normal" turtling after PE is anything to concern ones self with.