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"Do you have any pics of the home made extender? (I dont need to see you wearing it!)"

The extender I made is pretty crude andbasic. I used a series of ropes to pull tension on my unit. BasicallyI wrap the head in some soft foam, make a slip knot with a small rope(rope 1) and put it around the head, then a tie a rope around mythigh at top of knee, I take other end of rope 1, loop it throughrope 2 , pull a little tension and tie it off in a hitch knot.
It took several tweeks to find a way tomake the head of my dick not hurt, but now I can wear it up to 4 5 hrs with very little pain and no numbness or discoloration in thehead.
Its a crude stretcher, and I have tokeep my tie down leg at a certain position all the time. But thewhole point of the exercise was to see if I could stick with it, Ibelieve I can and I am ready to invest some money in a good extender.
Thats pretty ingenious actually. Just rope and foam.