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I disagree, but that's ok right? I feel like the tension causes the tissues in the penis to "retract". Similar to how a sprained muscle can "spasm", or tense up. I do not believe there is anything that will slow, or impede enlargement there though.
Tension as in keeping it somewhat extended after exercise, or just the tension from exercises themselves? Because his original idea was to wear the extender just to keep it elongated, but the lowest possible setting so that no "real" force is applied.

I don't bother keeping my penis extended myself. I try and have my exercises keep me hanging fuller afterwards, and for me if I turtle I can't help think that I've exercised too hard and my dick wasn't ready for it. Normal flaccid size is okay, but hanging fuller is better because to me that's the same idea as having it extended, only done naturally. I don't this would apply when it comes to the sorts of weights you can hang though Turtling must be unavoidable right?

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I would assume that PE makes the cells larger. As the cells increase in size, the cell membrane has a harder and harder time getting oxygen and food into and waste out from the inner cell. The cell's only way of surviving is by dividing into smaller cells. I think it is "sort of" safe to say that PE makes the cells grow larger, and after the fact the cells divide on their own. I also feel that it is because of this that turtling does not harm or impede growth.
I liked your idea before on the pressure changes in jelqing vs pumping and I've applied that idea to squeezes when clamping. Doing more reps for shorter durations rather than longer sustained ones.

Maybe a poll would help determine of there's any benefit to preventing turtling.. I doubt it though. There's too many variables.

I don't like turtling basically because it makes my weeny look teeny