Hi All,

Im just after buying the andropenis stretcher.

My flaccid lenght is 10 cm and erect lenght is 15 cm. When I stretch my flaccid lenght out fully it stretches to 15 cm (same as erect lenght)
It says on the instructions to minus 4 cm from erect lenght and then apply the stretcher.

I have a two questions:

1. Does this mean to compress the tension springs down fully (the springs compress 3 cm down), then apply the stretcher to my penis at 11 cm, then let go of the springs, allowing the springs to stretch the penis? When I do this, my penis stretches out to 14 cm and the springs become fully locked out.

2. Does this mean that the springs are giving me no tension?

It seems to me that to get tension on the springs, my penis must be stretched to the max (i.e. 15 cm)

For example: if I was to apply the stretcher to my penis at 13 cm, then let go of the springs, the stretcher springs would want to stretch out to 16 cm, but with my penis only being 15 cm, this would create force as the spring are in constant tension as they would be compressed by 1 cm.

Please enlighten me...