so while had done 3 months of JP90 in the past with good gains, I stopped and am now back at it again. two weeks into it, i get a strange injury while jelqing- a little 5mm diameter circular splotch of purple blood just under the skin on my shaft. of course i stop my work out and warm down, paying extra attention to massage the spot. an hour after my warmdown ends, it is gone. there was never any pain, i just noticed it there. two days later i have finished the stretches of my workout and move on to jelqing. same thing, the tiny bit of blood comes to the surface in that spot. again, i stop my workout and massage it out.

anyway, has anyone else had this injury before? i am going to take the next week off of jelqing but will continue to do my stretching exercises, as those do not seem to make it happen. thanks for the input!