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They sell arginine/cit combined at gnc 500mg each in a tablet...say to take twice a day. If u look at any "male enhancement" product, you'll see its got arginine, yohimbe, dhea, gaba, zinc, and a whole lot of herbs that are responsible for hormone blocking and increasing. 3 to 5 g won't hurt you. Arginine is supposed to increase hgh levels along with gaga and lysine. However, it also will increase prolactin levels over time, which will kill your test. In studies involving igf-1, they injected 40g of arginine daily to see hgh benefit. 40g by mouth would not be smart to take as it would negatively affect blood pressure and the liver. I've always wondered about DHT though...using topical cream on your junk. DHT is responsible for penis development during puberty...and they prescribe it for micro penis. Doubt it does anything for a grown man's gains, but definitely would if applied during puberty. I also wonder about HGH and if it does anything for grown males. From what I've read, it can increase organ size if taken at extreme doses(hgh gut), but it does not affect the penis organ. Ultimately, I feel blood flow to the penis and prostate health are important for general health, so I don't see a moderate amount(3-5g) of arginine/citrlline/orthonine causing a negative affect... as long as one's prolactin levels are in check. Prolactin is bad bc it is what causes the refractory period..or the human male instinct to bond with a female after sex and not achieve an erection. It's why you can't have sex non-stop...intended for survival.
So 3-5g wouldn't hurt everyday?

How do you get high prolactin? How can you stop it?

Thanks for all the info!