So I am starting with anew routine. Just a few days a week, it is really intensive!

Istart with a hot shower or rice sock, yesterday it was the hot shower with a nice massage. All loose and warmed up I started the stretches of jp90. After that I did about a hundred wet jelqs.

Then I crafted a sock hanger I have been dying to try out. I recently moved, and did not bring my weights. So I used a full bottle of water: 1,5 liter,so that's 1,5 kilo. I just let it hang for 10 minutes. It did not hurt, but I stopped after ten because I figured an injury is NOT what Iwant.

To finish of,I pumped my dick, filled the cilinder, for another 10 minutes.

After this it felt like I had alittle fluid build up, but in 10 minutes that was gone as well.

Then I did a quick shower to rinse of the lube etc. Felt really good.

2hours after work out, my gf came over and we had some intense sex. I was filling her up like crazy. She did not say a thing about the size, but while giving me head, she stopped, got agood look, and looked a little confused, and then continued! Real good!

Oké please let me know what you think. Pm or react to my blog. tend to do this 3 times aweek.

Greetings, Delici!