According to this Post:

After a year of training:
Gained up to half an inch in girth ( I say up to cause my dick was irregular so some places gained more than others)Starting Length 6.1" now 5.9", I shrunk!

I have:

Erection Quality of "06 - Somewhat hard"

I've gained up to half inch in girth over the last year, so I can't say it has been a waste.
I can't seem to gain ground on my Kegel Exercises. I can't go higher than 30 slow reps.
I always thought this was due to poor erection quality.

20 minutes bathmate
30 minutes stretch
60 minute edging
20 squeeze
5 minute jelq

I've proceeded to using Guerilla Warfare tactics! JES extender + Bathmate Hercules + Enduramax (from Vital)
I've worked my way up to 5 hours of stretching a day, and after a month. No length gains. However gained Girth.
My erect length and Girth are now equal to my stretched flaccid length and girth. Flaccid defined as penis level "
05 - Semi Hard/ Semi Soft"
My goal is a 7.5" length.

The confusing part is do I have a Tunica or Smooth muscle problem?