So i have recently decided i would rather have more girth gains then length ones today is my rest day and i searched through the forums for a new girth exercise to do ....i found the slinky bend in the exercise list and i found the same exercise being called the o stretch in the forums.,..i tried it out today and everything went good....the only problem now is adding it to my routine ....i do stretches then a 15 min jelq 2 days on one day off ...and kegal evey other problem is were should i add this exercise i read that girth exercises can cause alot of fatigue to the penis so idk if doing it after i jelq two days in a row is a good idea ....i want to do it on my rest day but i fear i will not be giving myself enough time to rest ...i just want sum advice on a good routine idea ... just wondering what any of you vets would do