1) I did a routine today, and I find that when I jelq, it's common for my 70% erection to start getting smaller. I don't like having to stop jelqing to play with my dick and get it back to 70%, so what I've been doing is the second I notice my dick getting smaller than I want, I start jelqing slowly (2-4 seconds per jelq). While one hand is jelqing slowly up the shaft, I masturbate with the other hand on the tip/upper shaft. Once my jelq is completed, I've pumped my other hand up/down about 2-3 times each, this seems to help get me aroused enough to make my dick bigger and get to a good erection %, but once I get to my desired size I just stop so I don't get fully hard. Once you complete that jelq, start your next jelq with your other hand, and repeat the procedure. It seems to really help me control my erections during jelqing, because porn gets me 100% hard, but nothing makes my EQ pathetic after 150 jelqs. Also you don't need to give your penis a break every 50 jelqs which may hinder your gains.

Granted, you should take little breaks in between jelqing sessions (IMO), but I'm currently doing 1200 jelqs per session (600 per hand), and to take a 5-10 second break every 100 jelqs to optimize EQ would probably have a negative impact on my gains. I've been trying to break up my jelqing sessions into 4 sections, with 5-10 seconds in between to re-lube and massage/arouse the penis. For example, in my routine I do: 300 jelqs, 5-10 seconds re-lube and massage, repeat 3 more times.