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  • University student: need advice

    Im Mike, 20, from Bulgaria
    Two years ago i got pretty serious about PE mostly because of my girlfriend - i wanted to last longer (becoming multiogragmis) and pleasure her better (through a bigger penis i guess).
    Exercising for 6 months straight, i went from 6.3 erect length to 6.9 and also added about 0.4 to my EG
    However we broke up and its been like two years in which I hooked up mostly with random girls and concentrated on cunnilingus, massages, thrusting techniques and lasting longer (i havent given up on multi-orgasmic-ness since the very beginning).
    So, now Im again in a serious relationship and care much about the girl and would like to start exercising my pal agian.
    Bad news is I have a roommate, in fact 3 of them (1 in my room, the other two in different ones) and the bathroom is to tight and narrow to do it in there

    My question is: if I get started on a routine including hot wraps + kegels + ulis + stretching will I be OK (those things i could do while he's sleeping, since my hand is in my pants, whereas with jelqs its much more messy and obvious), i mean will i be able to increase my gains significantly ?
    Also, could you suggest some routine that takes up to 30-45 minutes as im currently working, studying, going to the gym, took up some more classes and i just dont have the time (not that i dont have the desire)

    Thank you very mucuh!

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    Hi Mike,
    I've recently have been trying to cut down the fat from my routine, and have found that when I concentrate on more intense, time efficient exercises that I actually just feel like I had a better workout. I compare it to when I go in the gym half motivated, and putz around for 90 mins with long rests in between sets, compared to when I go in there pumped the fuck up, and smash thru a workout in 45 mins...the latter always get me blasted quicker.

    Anyway, although many o this forum shake their head disapprovingly at this, I actually cut out the warm up and begin right off the bat with directional stretches. Then I move to the Mother of all Lig stretches and hold that for about 3 mins each on both sides. Then I work in some more intese directional yanking, bundled stretches, and semi erect bends.

    After that, I'll do 25 mins of jelquing, 5 mins of uli's, and 5 mins of supra slammers. I wouldn't worry about making a mess with the jelqing though's winter and people have dry buy yourself some lotion and front like you just have this really complex moisturizing/skin care/face care routine. Just clean up after yourself...couldn't take more than 30 secs afterwards, right?
    Start Date: 9-23-12

    9-23-12 BpEL: 6.5
    9-23-12 EG: 5.2

    12-26-12 BpEL: 6.5
    12-26-12 BpEL: 5.2


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      Hello, Villanovaj. It's really great that you are interested in sex education. it's commendable that you care about your future and think ahead about good experience and feelings. But if you want to get a good education you should engage in self-development and maybe ask for help professionals like [no outside links. - Mod Team] and then you will definitely can improve your skills.
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        I think he can do fine all by himself. You see that's what education is; learning!
        The world's still a toy if you just stay a boy!


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          Originally posted by CUSP82 View Post
          I think he can do fine all by himself. You see that's what education is; learning!
          LOL - Plus, the fact that the original post was 6 years ago. ;-)

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