This will be the routine I start tomorrow. My goal is to gain as much as I can by March 10 (the start of our spring break), so that I can bust down this girl I've been talking to for awhile now.

Right now, I am 5.9-6.1 bonepressed long and only 4.6-4.8 girth at 100% erect. My long term goal (by my birthday in late October) is to be 7 x 6 or 5.5, but I'd like to gain as much as possible by March 10, hopefully .5-1.0 in length and .75-1.0 in girth.

Here's the routine I'm going to do. I'll chime back in and make a journal entry every week or so, and -- whether I get the sign off from my PE mentor, going411x7 -- I may take certain days off.

Here it is:

- 15-20 Min Hot Cloth Warm Up
- Up, Down Left Right Stretch with 40 quick kegels in each direction
(stretch penis all the way out, kegel 40 times then move to next direction)
- A-stretch (only top, right and left; not bottom) 10 reps each direction, 25 seconds per rep
- 360 stretch (10 reps, 15 seconds each)
- Blue Whale 'Mandingo Stretch,' combined with 180 degree upside down, outward stretches (10 reps, 25 sec each)
- DLD Blasters x 50
- Crook Tugs 3 sets of 15
- Arm-Under-Leg Stretch from behind (5 minutes or failure)

(girth workout begins here)

- 15 Min Hot Towel Re-Heat Warm Up
- Section Stretching x3 (straight out stretch; left hand: base grip, right hand: straight out stretch; left hand: midshaft grip right hand: straight out stretch)
- 20 Min Wet Jelq
- 15 Min Big Al Squeeze
- DLD Slow Squash Jelq into Supra Slammer (20 reps)
- Warm Down.

approx. time: 2 hr - 2 hr 30 min

Let me know what you think.