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How to Trim your Pupic Hair


01. Select either a trim or bare skin. To achieve a simple trim with shorter hair, use an electric trimmer set at the desired length. Simply trim where desired. If going very short be very careful around loose or tender pieces of skin, such as the scrotum. Sometimes using your hands to stretch the skin in these areas will provide a better, more comfortable trim.

Choosing to Shave is the fastest, cheapest, and most painless method, provided you are careful to avoid nicks and razor burn. Use a trimmer first, to avoid having long hairs clogging the blades. Often using soap or a very basic shaving cream is best, as extra chemicals can irritate the sensitive areas being shaved. Shaving, though convenient for some, is also the shortest term solution, and must be done regularly to avoid stubble


Good skin care is a must after any of the above methods, and will reduce discomfort later on. A good, unscented and dye-free moisturizing lotion with vitamin E will go a long way to making you more comfortable and may improve healing time and appearance.
After regular waxing or use of depilatory devices, it is said that the hair comes back finer and is less painful to remove over time.
If you plan to shave, soak first, and then, if using shaving cream, allow it to sit on the area to be shaved for several minutes before using the razor. This softens the hair and allows for an easier shave and less razor-burn later. Be sure to rinse after each stroke, and don't be afraid to change blades if you feel like the one you're using is getting dull. Pubic hair is coarse and will dull blades quickly.
Shaving and depilatory treatments leave your skin vulnerable to infection. Application of rubbing alcohol may burn, but will help to prevent these infections.
The extent to which you shave may affect your comfort and that of your partner during physical intimacy. For some people, it enhances intimacy.
As always, be careful with trimmers, razors, epilators, or anything that you use for personal care. Unfortunately, the things that make our genital areas wonderful also can make them very vulnerable. Lots of nerve endings, lots of loose tissue, and lots of capillaries filled with blood can make for an unpleasant experience if you hurt yourself.
If you have thick hair and very sensitive skin, sometimes shaving will make the area feel unpleasantly rough, even immediately after shaving. A good body lotion will minimize this, and your skin will probably adjust over time. Waxing or using an epi-lady, though more painful initially, does not cause this problem.

Things You'll Need

Set of clippers (if trimming or shaving)
Good Razors (if shaving)
Unscented, dye-free lotion