Muka’s Girth/Length Boom Routine
Begin By doing this exercise you focus on stimulating a huge boom in girth and improvement in length.
Adding Devices to this routine may help
Warm Up for 7 minutes, taking a super warm shower, suing a rice sock , or heating matt.
Stretch Up, Down, To Both sides for 19 second each side for 3 sets
Bundle your unit and do bundled stretches in the same directions for 25 seconds - 3 sets
Do a bundled Stretch in all four directions for 35 seconds, Kegel once as each second passes – 1 set
I suggest warming up a bit again
Do two Sets of 70 jelqs and 70 V jelqs resting for about 30 seconds between each set
The first set of jelqs should be done quickly and loosely.
The second set should be done much slower with a tight grip
V jelqs maintain regular grip

2 sets of 17 ULI’s – Hold for 20 seconds resting for 20 second between sets
2 sets of 27 ULI stretches – That is doing a ULI (for 20 seconds) and releasing quickly, in the second where the unit is limp grasp behind the glands and stretch foreword for 20 seconds.
2 sets of 20 BIG AL Stretches- The first set is regular
The second set is the same but with a stretch, when the unit is full in middle with blood. Take the hand behind the head of the unit and stretch forward (you’ll know at which tension to go). The stretch is held for 15 seconds, so all together for the second set would be actually 35 second (20 for the Big al and 15 for the foreword stretch)
Do 2 sets of 25 Jelqs (one set tight grip the other soft grip)
And 35 V jelqs (only one set)
If you use the bath-mate or penomet I suggest you get your 12 minutes of pumping in at this point-
( hint , something I picked up at MOS , try a condom ring around the glands while pumping to increase glands size )
__________________________________________________ ___________________________________
If you don’t have a pump , hit the warm shower and do 3 mins of some fire goat rolls
- I'll be doing this routine for the next 3 months