A question, you say walk aound with a plump 7 all day..? As in a semi-errection, or a 7/10 for flaccid state?

Also, just one point I would like to disagree with. You say you don't believe in the conditioning phase of 3 months, that you could have started clamping after 1 month and so on. I agree that for some, this is possible. I believe I myself was as condidtioned after one month than most are after 3. However you miss a strong point. Its better to start off your PE with light workouts. You gain from light workouts at the start. It is many peoples opinions that if you start out for a few months doing very light routines, your penis will adapt fractionally while still gaining. If you did clamping after 1 month for lets say another 2 months, at a very high intensity like you describe, your penis would be adapted to that high intensity and doing lesser intensity workouts would have little effect. Why do more intense workouts when the gains can come from light stuff? I'm echoing the arguement that you describe making your penis stronger not longer