G'day all,
First let me say thanks to the supporters out there and this thread is because BigO asked me to do it!

Ok so whats a devocup?

The Devocup is a small vacuum pump that fits over your glans only. It comes in two model's, one that has a leg tugger and one that has a sock. (they have a website so go look)

I'm going to be talking about the sock model.

This is my own interpretation of what I use and have found.

So basically its a sock that goes on your penis followed by the vacuum cup.
Once the cup is sucked on the sock is roller forward to the cup applying forward pressure against the cup.
A 2" wide rubber band placed between the sock and cup is then put on to hold the cup and sock together.

They also then put a rubber band/cock ring up at the base as a blood flow control I think! but don't use it when I use the cup.

Now I just made my own because I'm like that.... impatient!!!!!

Cant wait for it to be sent to the bottom of the earth! (Australia)

So I just got one plastic shot glass and a heat gun. I got a piece of cardboard and made a hole in it a little bit bigger than the base. I sat the glass in the hole and slowly heated from the base up so I didn't blister the plastic and it slowly started to fall through the hole in the raise cardboard. The top flare was reduced to the same diameter as the base! I allowed it to cool for some time.

The next part you don't have to do unless you have a vacuum pump, if you don't have a vacuum pump that's OK you can just use a bit of fish-tank air hose placed inside the cup before you insert your glans. Then you suck a vacuum and withdraw the tube. It's how they do it at devocup.

I slowly drilled and tapped the base and inserted a valve fitting that works with my vacuum pump. Make sure you drill it slow and have it held secure or it will spin and even crack!

Now how easy is that cups now made. If its a bit small you can stretch it slowly with heat!

Next is the sock, I just used a stubbie holder you know the insulating can/bottle holder made from wet suite fabric about a 1/4 inch thick!

I remover the base of the Stubbie holder. And then worked out how big a piece I needed. I measured the circumference of my stretched penis and added about 1/2 a inch to allow for it to roll back on itself. Now the stubbie holders here in Australia are about 4.5 inch's tall so that length was fine for me as it was too long when you add the cup to it, and that's what you want. You want this stiff rubberized fabric to be pushing hard against the cup so as to stretch your penis.

I then cut the required piece of fabric and using contact adhesive glued the piece together to make a tube. I then used a very heavy duty thread and stitched the join together, this was the hardest thing to do for me.(times like these I need a wife)

Now we need a bit of push bike tire tubing about 2" long this will connect the cup to the sock so depending on your size you may need a bigger or smaller diameter tube. You can stretch it by placing it over something large and use hot air to help it loose some tension.

Ok we are now ready to put our devocup on. First we place the penis through the tube/sock that's been rolled back onto itself a fair bit.
Now if you didn't allow free play in the tube/sock you wont be able to do this so make sure you add enough free play!
Too much is better than not enough although you want it so it can just roll back on its self with some force with the penis all the way in it. Now some times my penis wont go in the sock so I use some 1/4" cord as a noose to the pull it through the sock. I start with the base rolled because the cup needs to have exposed glans to be put on.

Now we have the sock on we need to put on the cup. Place your tube inside the cup and place the penis into the top of the cup. Now apply vacuum and suck the glans into the cup. Make sure you bottom out in the cup and fill it with you penis head/glans. In vacpumping we call this packing. We want no air left inside the cup.

Now remove your tube by slowly withdrawing it while maintaining a vacuum. Of course if you have a vacpump fitting you don't need to do this just remove the vacuum pump. Then roll the sock back and allow it to come forward to push against the cup. You should be getting a stretched penis at this point.

All you do now is place the 2" rubber band over the cup and sock where they join to hold every thing in place.

To remove the cup use your finger down the side of the cup to release the vacuum and to let air in as you slide the cup off.

I wear this every night to keep it stretched and when I go out in public and cant wear my weights. You may find you have to bigger bulge in you pants so depending on what I'm wearing I some times use a cheap cock ring to hold the shaft/sock combo to my balls this keeps it from pointing out forwards and makes it point down in my pants. I also some times wear it pointing strait up at my belly button tucking it under my belt so to speak. I have worn it to the side and you get a lot of looks at your bulge trust me it looks huge!

This is only part of my routine but constant tension equals gains and that makes me happy.

Any questions?