I am one month into JP90. I have been taking L-Arginine for about 2 weeks and have definitely seen an improvement (I only bought a bottle to try because it was very cheap on special offer in a shop).
Seeing how big a difference the L-Arginine made (despite reading that it is clinically disproven- I don't want to talk about that guys), I would like to now start incorporating the 5 G's into my program because I now am a believer in supplements.

I don't want to start taking 5 whole lots of supplements straight away due to convenience and cost. So does anyone recommend a particular one to start with that they recommend for better EQ and Libido?


p.s. I would link to the post about the 5 G's and what they are but I can't find it lol. If anyone else can link it then great

EDIT: found it https://www.pegym.com/forums/erectil...erections.html