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Great motivational speech.

Question. If all other things were equal a bigger penis (within reason) is:
A) An advantage?
B) A disadvantage?
It's an advantage. Greater stimulation visually, physically, and thus emotionally.

Anyone who says size doesn't matter is kidding themselves. How could it not? If there's such a thing as a penis that's too small, then size matters. If there's such a thing as too big, then size matters.

Hands down, I'd rather be too big than too small. Who wouldn't? You can always be careful to make sure you're not hurting her too much, but only size can make sure you're hurting her enough.

That said, every woman is different. Check out my sig and you'll see I'm no giant. But I've been with lots of girls who needed me to go easy or couldn't handle certain positions with me. I've also been with girls who I'm sure wished I was much bigger. That's just the way the ball bounces, amigo.