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Penis Enlargement exercises to increase penis size naturally

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  • Penis Enlargement exercises to increase penis size naturally

    1. Penis Stretching (For longer penis):

    a. Use your index finger and thumb to form an 'OK' symbol and grab your penile head with a firm grip
    b. Stretch your penis in front of you and keep it in that stretch for 10 -15 seconds
    c. shake your penis a bit to restore the flow of blood
    d. Repeat the stretch again

    2. Jelq Exercise (For thicker penis)

    a. Lubricate your penis with vasoline/Baby oil
    b. Grab the base of your semi erect penis with an 'OK' grip, and then firmly and gently move your hand to your penile head. While doing this, you are pushing blood through your penile chambers
    c. The moment you reach the penile head, change hands and continue doing this for about 100 times in the first week, from 2nd week onward add 25 repetitions each week.

    3. PC Flex (For Stronger Erections)

    PC Muscle: The PC muscle is the muscle that controls the flow of urine, to start rock solid erections, all you have to do exercise your PC Muscle.

    Steps for PC Flex exercise:
    a. Squeeze your penis for 5 seconds and let go
    b. Begin with 50 repetitions a day and gradually keep increasing it by 20 more after every week passes by

    ** Don't do these exercise daily, You need 2 days rest to your penis.
    ** Apply heat on your penis by wrapping a face towel soaked in warm water for 5 minutes. This heat prevents you from experiencing any injury during and after exercising.

    I hope this info would be helpful for people who want to increase their penis size naturally. Feel free to reply this thread if you any query.

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    Good basic summary..
    BPEL: 6.7
    MSG: 4.5

    BPEL: 7.7 (+1!)
    MSG: 5.1 (+.6!)

    MY LOG


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      Ummm, ummm, thats pretty ummmmm, basic.
      Going an inch and 1/2 deeper than before


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        I do think we have all this info in the beginners section but nice of you to bring it out. Maybe more beginners will read before they start.
        The world's still a toy if you just stay a boy!


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          Thanks dood


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            Caution doing kegels, I usually suggest reverse kegels are included in a kegel /reverse kegel routine.


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              Naturally?.. Do you mean manually?


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                The exercise do help but if it is mixed with some penis enhancement pills then the result could be more effective.


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                  What the hell is this?


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                    Originally posted by ThomasJohnThomas View Post
                    Naturally?.. Do you mean manually?
                    Some use the term "natural" to differentiate from surgical enlargement. Purists use this term to refer to training where no devices are used.
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