Does anyone who uses the dp 4000 have a strategy for programming the pump session? If you dont but just want to provide advice for my pumping regimen i detail below... That is cool too. I would like to hear what is working for others. I usually pump for 55 min. The first 5 min. Will go from 1.5 and ratchet up in .5 increments over 5 min. After 5 min. It goes back to 1 hg for one min. Then I switch to a program that goes from 4.5 hg to 5 hg back and forth for 5 min
Intervals that are punctuated by 1 minute rests at 1 hg. I do that until I reach The 25 minute mark. Then I switch the program so that ratchets up the pressure starting at 5 HG in going to 5.5 HG and back and forth between those two pressures for 5 min. Intervals with one min. Rests at 1 hg until I reach 55 min.

Before and after I warm up with a rice sock and 5 min. Of jelqing.

I have 5 in. In girth, so I use a 1 7/8 in. Diameter tube. Is that too large? Should I go for the 1.5 in. Diameter? By. The end of every session I'm virtually packing the tube but I do get the donut, so maybe I'm ratcheting up the pressure to quickly? I usually start packing the tube around the 30 min. Mark and by the end it's not quite fully evenly packed but seems to be getting better every time. I'm also pumping on 12 hour intervals. Can I get any thoughts, comments and suggestions?