Stretching: Im uncircumsized, no matter where I grab (under glans, 3/4 up shaft) I cant get a good grip. If I squeeze hard I can but im worried that im doing damage this way (feels like ima pull my knob off). If I loosen grip I end up tugging more on skin than anything. Halp?

Also as a side note: I never understood premature ejaculation, first time I ever had sex it was for 10 mins. I have been horny to the point where I almost blow from looking at ass. Yet I can still fuck for 15 mins. I can last 30mins if I want. My longest was 3hrs. Will jelqing make my dick less sensitive over time? I know some guys want this but I have no issue with premature Ejaculation so I want all that feels I can get on my shaft from the girls sugar walls.