Hey Guys,

just registered with the site, but have been lurking in the shadows for the last 3 months. I have been doing the following routine over this time:

3-5x Per Week, with 1 Kegel day somewhere in there (where everytime I think about it I will kegel, probably couple hundred kegel reps on those days)

20 Mins warm up with heating pad (feel i get more out of my stretches when im very thoroughly warmed)
15-20 Stretching- just simple stretching in all directions, sometimes holding 30secs/stretch, sometimes doing 2secs stretch/2 secs relax
20 Mins Wet Jelq- (jelq stroke lasts about 2-3secs) this is usually done at a high erection percentage, probably around 80%, still find them very arousing (not circumcised which may have a bit of an impact)
-Recently started incorporating a warm down, usually just go to sleep though as I do them before bed

No measurements before Starting PE
Current: BPEL 7.5", EG 5.25"

I have noticed girth gains (probably .25") right out of the gate (just from not being able to wrap fingers around base anymore) but I feel I may have only gained a little in length (MAYBE an eigth of an inch). Is this a normal progression? Does one gain come way before another usually??

Also, no real difference in flaccid length/girth (BPFL: 4.5", FG: 4") but I do notice the biggest difference out of everything would be my flaccid stretch length, my penis kind of feels like rubber now where I can easily stretch out my flaccid penis an addition 1.5-2inches, this also normal?

Let me know your input guys, would like to hear if what im experiencing as far as gains and whatnot are normal.