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Here things I have observed:
Newbies ask the same questions over and over.
Vets answer the same questions over and over.
Then people do what they want anyway.

When some members report any success, many want to know right away what routine he used. As if that is the missing key. This is not a bad thing, since info is always great. But I suspect that some take a "flavor of the month" approach to PE.
Well said...Many want to give the least amount of effort to get the maximum results. It is people that research and come to their own conclusions that are successful with a consistent routine.

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I like to know people's routines, but only so I pick them apart in the aggregate and see what tends to work for people in which situations, and what doesn't, so I can then incorporate it into my routine. What I am not doing (but I am sure many are) is saying, "well, he gained 2" x 1", so I'm gonna do his routine."
This is how you put together a great routine tailored around YOU... Not someone elses wants or needs. Great post