Starting the previous week on monday (4 feb, not this week) I have alot of trouble getting erections for PE/Edging. When it started I was in the middle of a 2 week diet phase (Although I was dieting a total of 8 weeks by then, with breaks every few weeks). My volume on PE was also at it's highest (46 squeezes, the week before that I went from 40 to 45) and 20+ minute edging.

I figured it was a volume thing and I immediately dropped down to 20 squeezes and am currently nearing 30 again. Didn't work. It got a teeny tiny bit better (that monday was a real bad one, lol) but not much. That saturday I also noticed my strength had suddenly tanked on my biggest lifts. That's when I figured it was probably a diet thing, and now since this monday I've started eating 3k calories again.

However, it's not improving. I have no trouble getting an erection when there's the obligatory movie sex scene (often to great annoyance of the dog on my lap), morning wood is as hard as ever, the random erections I can't explain have tapered off a bit but a porn scene puts it at 10/10 immediately without problems. But whenever I use whatever stimulation to get some wood going for PE or edging it takes alot of time to get like a 7/10 floppy chubby that looks like he just got out of bed. Further just isn't possible, unless I actually start edging and then he manages to get to 10/10 (after like 2-3 minutes) and stays there for the whole edging session without problem.

So yea...I have no idea what to do. Is stopping PE/Edging the only way? What's the problem? Could it be PE related and not mental? Lately I've been quite anxious about PE because I'm finally starting to SEE the results (rather then just measurements increasing), but I'm not sure how just stopping PE for a bit would change that (maybe make it worse unless I really quit for a few months...). Any ideas?