So I've been kegelling and reverse kegelling for the last week. I've been doing sets of 30-70 for 5 seconds at a time each. I read somewhere that kegels are best done while fully erect. So I try to do them fully erect. The problem is getting the erection and maintaining it. I find masturbating without ejaculation helps me get to max hardness, after which I will kegel. When my erection starts to die down, I will masturbate again to get it hard, stop masturbating, and then kegel.

1) Is this a good or bad pattern?
2) Is masturbating while doing kegels or reverse kegels a good thing or a bad thing?
3) I find that when I come close to ejaculation, reverse kegels become harder to maintain. Is this a sign that I should continue doing reverse kegels, and in time, I will be able to maintain it through the ejaculation and prevent myself from coming?
4) Just to make sure I've been doing them right, reverse kegels feel like I'm pushing out a fart each time right?

Please number your answers just to make it easier to tell which question you are answering at which time. Thanks for the help guys!