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This is how I get results FAST, and it WORKS!!

I consider my flaccid state my BPEL because I measure it pointing it straight out in my hand with an EQ of 10, which this comes to be about 6"... I then Jelq my BPEL a few times, while turning on my Arousal switch in my head, and viola!...within minutes my BPEL turns into 7.75". My girth even doubles!!!!!

Really though, if you want results bro, stick to JP90 for 90 days, listen to your dick, and take rest days because they matter. Don't worry about more advanced exercises until your last few weeks of that 90 days.

and, watch your PI's! ~~> Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to Help Penis Growth!

Welcome to the Gym!
Where`s the cock jay? I want that big cock back!!!