Hi guys,

Please take a look at my work out routine and please advice if I am doing correct or should add or reduce something. I need to gain both length and girth;

Morning(5 days a week);
-8 to10 min warm up.
-5 min stretches.
-500 wet jelq.
-Erect bend (3 reps each side , ie. Down, left, right & up)
-Uli (3-5 reps)
-Compressor (3-5 reps)
-Horse squeeze (10 reps)
-10 min warm down.

Evening(5 days a week);
-I wear extender for 2 hrs for 5 times a week.

I am perfoming the above exersice for just over a month now. I have noticed some positive changes but I want your advice for better results. I also have a feeling that I mixing up things.