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Okay guys i had idea for this thread for a long time.

Question is next - why do we feel that we have small penises when they are with their stats above average?

I.E i have

8 BPEL 7.8 NBPEL and 5.5 EG - NBPFL - of 5.8

And i still feel that i am small compared to others? Why is this happening, what is hidden thing in our unconcius part which makes this decisions?
I know my size is ready to be in porn industry ( Monster size) and still when i look at it i am not that much impressed with my penis.
Last girl i couldnt push it all the way like 3/4 she would moan and scream "IT hurts please stop" so i would have to stop but again i dont feel that "power" ( you know what i mean).

So what are your ideas?
Hey Porno,

I will start by saying that I read few of the other replies because they were mostly "WTF bro, you are huge, shut up!", so if someone else has already said what I am about to say, my bad.

The simple answer to your question is "human nature". We are what we are, and in the case of human males, we are mostly worried our dicks won't be big enough. And even when it's too big, when you tear some poor girl during sex, you'll wonder if someone else's felt better to her.

Part of my work is to deal with women who have eating disorders and body dysmorphia (yes, I said "deal with" instead of "counsel" or "nurture", and if that offends one of the readers, deal with it), and one thing that is painfully obvious is that a person's image of her physical appearance is not informed by intelligence, the opinions of others, or direct observation. This is true for everyone. Me for example, I still look behind me when a girl tells me I am cute. That isn't a joke, I really do. But for someone with bad body dysmorphia, not only is it nearly impossible to accept that someone may find her more attractive/thinner/whatever than she does ("people lie to be nice" is the most common explanation I have gotten), but also the importance of physical appearance is paramount. A quote illustrates this: "I don't deserve to be happy if I am fat."

I know these are extreme examples, but the difference between them and the rest of us is, I think, a matter of degree and not of kind. We all harbor a little bit of this. We all have an image of our physical appearances in our heads which doesn't really match what most others think of us. Sometimes it's actually better, but sometimes that self image is worse. Now you MUST have seen that if you have ever spent any time around women. Especially really hot women who make you stammer and sweat because they are so beautiful. Talk to them long enough and you hear "I have too much fat, my belly is too big, my boobs (or ass) are too small (or too big), I need more definition, blah blah blah).

Nothing new there, but for guys I guess it manifests in wanting a bigger cock. I read about a study years ago, I forget where or when, where they measured erection lengths and then asked the men if they wanted their penises to be bigger, smaller, or the same. Almost 100% of smaller-to-average guys said bigger, duh. But almost all of the bigger than average guys wanted more. Even the really huge guys. Hell, there is someone on here who STARTED at a natural 9" and is going for length gains. So you are in good company, jump in the water feels fine.

Sometimes I think I was actually blessed, being born with a statistically smaller than average penis (average length but with a "whoops, lost the condom inside you" girth). I felt like it was smallish, I looked it up and it WAS smallish, I learned to deal with it and got on with my life. At first it caused me some problems (all in my head) but now I feel like I am better for it. I learned to be confident and a great lover without being hung. And having found PE, I feel like I am more able to appreciate the benefits of it. I have gained 7/8" in length and 1/4" in girth in under two months and I am happy as a clam. I wanna whip it out and fucking show everyone. "Hey, check it out, I'm making my dick bigger." Hell, maybe everyone here feels this way, I don't know. All I know is that you sometimes have to ignore the little voices in the back of your head, when they try to hold you back.