Sup fellow PE brahs, i got some questions . Alright, so im only 5.5 erect bonepressed! (might be abit more tho not sure i did it right) and 4 in girth... I am very unhappy with my size and ontop of that i got fordyce spots (not to serious tho). So here are my questions, first alittle bit about what ive done, i did jelqs and i worked up to 160 in the beginning of this year (or in feb), since then ive been doing JP 90 days routine but because my house is crowded i rarely have the time for 1- 1.5 hour workouts (have prolems maintaining erection), so ive done MAYBE 3 WEEKS total of it in 2- 2 1/2 months, when i didnt have the time i just did the stretching and some v jelqs. Could anyone please give me a routine for the days i dont have alot of time that is quick and focuses on length?
Which brings me to another question, is stretching for length (best) and jelqing for girth and length? Also its normal not to gain anything when you've only done this right? (not measured but im sure i havent gained anything) You guys seem to gain fast lol, but i know consitancy is the key just like in bodybuilding, and another question will taking care of my body, having a low fat percentage and having an aesthetic body and a good diet help me in anyway with pe? And i dont know if this applys to PE but arnt you supposed to do progressive overload (example add sets or reps?) everytime you workout even tho you dont overload alot?
And in general i just want to say if this works it is the best thing thats ever happend to me and it would become my favourite bodypart to work on ))) And everyones friendly here and i love this site, so anyway PLEASE answer me (most important thing is a routine that is quick and that works on length)