This is what my new routine will look like using only jelqs and 4x lab extender

1.Warm up 20 jelqs 4seconds each stroke
2.Extend 2hours 5min break
3.20 jelqs 4sec strokes
4.Extend another 2hours 5min break
5.20 jelqs 4sec strokes
6.Extend 2 hours 5min break
7.20 jelqs 4sec strokes
8.Last extended sesh of 2hrs
9.warm down with 20 jelqs 4sec strokes..

In my PE i add L-arganin and Vitamin E capuals i take 2 daily which i got for my intense upward curve.

Thoughts would be much accepted any improvements that can be made are welcome to be mentioned will be very much so appriciated

and for my jelqs i use baby oil as i am uncircumcised!