About 2 years ago i've started wearing x4 labs device in order to get an extra flaccid lenght and some girth, anything extra was considered to be acceptable;
I've done the exercises for about 6 months and then stopped because my mom have unfortunatelly throw the device in trash... for that my sake was to continue my maintenance routine without losing my gains...

Along that time, i've lost a bit of my gains and started a routine that fits me better nowadays, despite some terribles mistakes done without patience...
now my penis works in a good shape at least at night when i'm awoke for about at least 8 hours;;;;

Now lets go for the facts
Flacid lenght gain: 1'18''(3cm)
Erect lenght gain: 1'5'' (4cm)
__ I haven't care enough for girth so, althought by the end of the six months the erect one was about 5'7''

After that 1 and a half year without the x4 labs device, my routine started being a bit dubious, in fact it has messed all the results in the beggining of the maintenance, as I didn't explore all the possibilities of exercises, because I use to get tired of taking longer showers, for the fact that I didn't like to waste larger amounts of water I use to expend 1 hour to 1 hour and a half doing exercises in hot shower, once in a week until today, it also gimes me a nice blood to my vains but I was only doing normal stretches. (I don't like to use hot towells because the water gets colder very fast)

So actually my problem consists in giving me all the time an 100% erection, any time of the day, any day i'd want to, and thats a bit hard even with a normal kegeling routine (its about 2,3 days and 1 resting), I don't put my hands on fire for them in the day, but whenever I done it gives me a good shape by the night... I remember someday when I took Half Viagra and I've got 100% erection for at least 4 hours, for me that's not a major issue, but I'm thinking about the rest of my life and that i'm very young

After that period I had lost some gains, about 1 cm in flacid lenght and 2 cm (almost an inch, ok for me) in erect lenght, amongst that my penis now works in a better shape, although specially after waking up it works more slowly, it's hard to get morning glories as usual, by that time its usual to get 95 to 98% erections, very different for its performance at nightime, when its usual to get 100%, at least when I am about 8 hours woken up...

So... i would like that you guys check my routine telling me if there is something wrong: (thats my routine for about a year)
1) Same old classic Stretch: about 40 seconds stretching front, left, right, down, up (in that order) - (x2)
2) Internal Stretch: I had to say that after doing that for about 1 year I never know if I'm doing it correctly - (x5)
3) Bundled Stretch - begginer method: It's very good to see my tunica in shape, but I am doing this exercise in a very slowmode way (only 45 degrees), so I don't know if I am doing anything right or wrong... or worst, if in the past I've done something very very wrong and messed something, but I really don't think that's the mess...
This routine is done only once in a week, usually at sundays; now I am doing an extra day of classic stretch; usually at thursdays or wednesdays to give my penis the chance to be in a good shape until the end of the weekend... One thing I know is that I can't ''use'' my penis about 12 hours after or before the exercises; so it's a bit hard to maintain the patience of not masturbating of fucking...
So I would like to know if there's a new magical exercise that helps giving me a bit of extra girth, a bit of extra flaccid lenght, and a better erected quality ( I want to get it back to the sahpe that was... and for that I am not far, but miss it a bit);
Let me tell you how my penis routine keeps with my routine

...............left - routine; right - penis shape
sunday - usually exercise day; it's normal for me doing nothing
monday - If I don't exercise on sunday that's the day... I use to wait until night to do something that needs an erection... usually 97%...
tuesday - I really don't like this day at all, anyway it's a good day for my performance... about 99% erection
wednesday - I usually don't masturbate this day but If I want to it's normally 100%... maybe some fast exercise at night
thursday - usually 100% erection
friday - the same as thursday
saturday - the same as friday

I don't like jelqing because I rather keep my Tunica in a good shape doing Bundled Stretch, Jelq usually lasts for about 1 or 2 days so it's not the maintenance routine that I'd dreamed about, because it takes longer that I use to feel comfortable (wasting more than 6 hours of hot shower by month or about 12 minutes a day)


Sorry for that long post, I know it's tuff to read some of that stuffs, but I'm also tired of doing this exercises and by the same hand not getting all the results that I would like to enjoy totally... so I'm able to start a new routine, it could be like 5 days (6 times month) and I would like to get a better shape at all, some gains...


Stuffs like that usually gets me tired because the only thing I want was some flaccid lenght and girth for the girls to get a good impression


So I would like to see if there's a phd exerciser here, I'm able to do any exercise you guys want if It's going to help me, but I don't want to expend more than 7 hours by month down the shower...