My new PE workout that I've been doing for the pass 2 months is working out better than other workouts that include jelqing. Improved erection hardness, larger hanging flaccid, PI's are much better, and both length and girth have improved (Just a hair shy on 8 in EL and a EG of 5.8+)

10-15min warmup
Basic JP 90 stretches (Only difference is I kegel 40 times for each stretch)
Flaccid bends 40 secs each way
Erect bends 20 secs to left and right
Compressor 3x 35 sec
Uli 3x 35sec
If time, Clamp for 10 min/ edge or pump for 20 min.

I started slow at 25 kegels rather than 40 and worked up each week same with the stretches started at 20 worked up to 35 and 40 sec.And I just recently added in the erect bends.
3 days on 1 off ( 2 off if shot for time or if i feel like i over did it one day) Been working great. I'm technically a very hard gainer according to LOT.( 6 o'clock). So I'm just sticking to the exercises I like and that improve specifically what I want. Which is a thick, long, hard dick which probably most people want. Jelqing didn't seems to work and it took forever. Let me know what you guys think.