I have a curve to the left. I have been pe'ing for about a year now and i have no significant reduction in curve at all... I have gained in length however.

I have been stretching straight out hoping the curved side takes most of the force causing it to straighten.

Also stretching to the left.

I have been doing erect bends for the same reason... away from curve.... but when i bend it right (which is the bigger side which is why my penis curves to the left).. when i do this it feels like my right 'cc' is compressed and it feels like it will cause my right side to gain more than my left side straightening out.

I can't jelq to the right (away from my curve) because my left side is so tight, i try pushing it left but i can't keep hold because it moves around because of the tension.

I try mini jelqs whilst using a squeeze.. focusing on my left side but it feels like this toughens my penis and causes girth gains... which is what I don't want right now because it will make it harder to gain length.

What other ways can I straighten my penis?
It causes some problems in the bedroom... only sometimes but i'd like a straight penis so i don't have to worry.