Hi, I've been PEing on/off for years. When I first started I was younger and was able to spend hours a day on PE. This is when I've gained. I bought a Stretcher device and used it for 4-6 hours a day. I really had no set method when I started and tried manual PE, pumping, stretchers, etc. I didn't measure but I definitely gained. I got to a size I was "ok" with (above average, a lil under 7.5") and I pretty much stopped for awhile due to life. Was busy, didn't have much time. I tried to stretch occassionally or jelq when I could...but it was hit or miss.
Now though, I routinely have about an hour a day free to PE and I really would like to get back into it and get some more gains. For past few weeks I have been warming up 10 min, stretching manually for about 15 and then jelquing for another 10-15 days I can.....usually 4-5 days a week. My penis seems a tiny bit bigger. I'm just wondering since I only have about an hour a day...is there a routine that would be most effective? Certain "most bang for buck" exercises I should be doing? I realize I'm probably not going to have great gains with such limited time....but so long as i'm consistently gaining and progressing I'm fine. Has anyone else gained with similar time constraints? Also I'm kind of out of loop in PE world....are there any new products, devices, etc that would be of benefit? I've wanted to get into hanging but I dont think hanging for only a few hours a week would do much which is why I've stuck to manual PE.'

Any help, guidance, recommendations, etc will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanx guys.