we all know that temperature, be it ambiant or localized to the penis area, can lead to eiher stretching or shrinking of the unit,

sometimes you get surprised that you penis is icecold when you touch it with your hand, (and it's always turtling in these moments), this is because the penis especially the gland when flaccid fail to communicate it's temperature to the rest of the body..
ang gets cold and turtle without us knowning..
you can do a test and see how insensitive to temperature the tip or the gland of the penis is, compared to the shaft or the back of your hand..

what i want to say is that the reason why it gets cold it's because it is wet, especially the tip, be it by water or due to precum, the penis shrivles past it's normal flaccid state known as turtling...

i have read the article and i agree about the constrictive clothing part..
that makes me thinking, is there an special warming up oil or smtg that can keep you warm if applied ??